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Deep learning. From natural to medical images.

Dec 19 - 2018. Wrote a blog post about how to adjust deep neural networks to medical image analysis problems. .

Long tail of medical data

Oct 25 - 2018. Wrote a blog post about anomaly detection in medical image analysis. .

Medical image analysis survey

Oct 4 - 2018. Our survey on deep learning in medical image analysis is the most cited paper in medical image analysis in the past 5 years. .


May 11 - 2017. A medical ImageNet GTC2017

Kaggle data science bowl 2017

May 5 - 2017. Nice post from Julian de Wit on his approach to tackle the Kaggle data science bowl 2017 . The challenge was co-organized by Bram van Ginneken, Arnaud Setio and Colin Jacobs in our group. Good job!

Talk in Heidelberg

Apr 26 - 2017. I was invited to talk about my Ph.D. project at the excellent National Center for Tumor Diseases of the University of Heidelberg.

Deep learning survey

Feb 19 - 2017. The first version of our survey on deep learning in medical image analysis is on arXiv

Medical image analysis paper media coverage

Nov 1 - 2016. Our paper was covered by Applied Radiology and Aunt Minnie

First CIFAR workshop on deep learning in medical imaging

Oct 7 - 2016. I co-organized the first CIFAR worksshop on deep learning in medical imaging. Hopefully this will create a lot of interest from computer scientists in medical problems, since there are many left to solve.

Deep Learning Equipment

April 1 - 2015. Deep learning equipment at DIAG :-). GeForce Cards for deep learning

Revenge of the Nerds

March 10 - 2015. The Economist published an interesting article on the revenge of the nerds . CS, maths and engineering students can expect better paid jobs than other fields, regardless of name and status of the university. Hopefully news like this can change the stigma around technical people and make getting good grades on math more appealing. The Netherlands, for instance, is a knowledge based economy and IT and engineering people are necessary to sustain innovation in technology.